Handbook for Grievers


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This reference handbook for grievers suggests things to do, and supports and encourages you on your grief journey. You don’t need to read it all in one sitting. Instead, take the time to go through it often and take notes on subjects that interest you.

There is enough range of information in this handbook to help you on your own personal journey of grief. Never give up on yourself. Hold on to this handbook, because something that doesn’t make sense now or seems too complicated will make sense to you later.

Ultimately, grieving and healing is a very personal experience. My wish is that this handbook will comfort and nurture you as it inspires you along your journey.

This handbook can help you go through the grieving process more easily, as you learn how to understand all the emotions that you’re experiencing. Keep your copy close for comfort, guidance, and support when you most need it.

A good way to use this handbook is to print it out and read it with a highlighter or pen in hand. Highlight and mark up those sections, passages, and parts that hit close to home and have personal meaning to you.

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The handbook is offered as a PDF download.

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