The Sisterhood of Widows (Audio Book)


This audio book comes directly from the pages of the book “ The Sisterhood of Widows” which was written from hours of interviews conducted by the author Mary Francis. Each chapter is the story of a different widow and how she handled her own personal grief journey.

Because each chapter is a different widow we have selected three different narrators to record it. Running time is approximately 5 hours.

The Sisterhood of Widows is a powerful book of empowerment containing sixteen true stories from widows of all walks of life who reflect and comment about life after the death of their husbands. Their stories cover death from accidents, cancer, heart attacks, and even suicide.

All are told in a truthful and sometimes painful manner. Emotionally every widow handles loss differently and yet there is a common bond they share that makes them part of a sisterhood. It provides knowledge so that a widow can make informed decisions about her future.


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Chapter 1: Take the Time to Really Learn Who You Are
Chapter 2: Don’t Let Anyone Else Make Your Life Decisions for You
Chapter 3: Stand Up for What You Know is Right
Chapter 4: Don’t Expect a Quick Fix
Chapter 5: Write It All Out In a Journal
Chapter 6: Don’t be Afraid of Remarrying
Chapter 7: Try Life On Your Own Before You Get Into Another Relationship
Chapter 8: Think about the Good Times You Had Together and Not the Hard Times
Chapter 9: Don’t Clutter Your Life With Stuff
Chapter 10: Don’t Give Up Your Independence
Chapter 11: Trust in the Lord With All Your Heart
Chapter 12: Helping Others Will Help You to Heal and Grow