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The Sisterhood of Widows Book - Print Edition

by Mary Francis

The Sisterhood of Widows is a powerful book of empowerment containing sixteen true stories from widows of all walks of life who reflect and comment about life after the death of their husbands.

Their stories cover death from accidents, cancer, heart attacks, and even suicide. All are told in a truthful and sometimes painful manner.

Emotionally every widow handles loss differently and yet there is a common bond they share that makes them part of a sisterhood. It provides knowledge so that a widow can make informed decisions about her future.about her future.

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Moving from Grieving to Healing

This free guide by Mary Francis is designed to help you move through the process of grieving and on to healing from the pain of your loss. It will help you understand and address your emotional needs as you grieve and heal.

Filled with tips that at times seem to leap off the pages, it’s a guide that is truthful and sometimes painful, but the author’s passion for topic and compassion for her readers shine through to make it a powerful little guide.

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Managing Stress and Sleep

This guide by Mary Francis will help you recognize and deal with the physical and emotional symptoms of stress.

Sometimes we go to bed with a mind that keeps saying “What if?” or “Why did I?” or “What do I have to do tomorrow?” With the help of his guide, you’ll gain a better understanding of why stress is stealing your sleep, and the tips, resource and advice printed on each page will help you overcome that stress to sleep better.

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Healthy Relationships

This guide by Mary Francis will give you tips and advice for managing the relationships in your life, helping you find happiness. We are at our best when our relationships are positive. The guide will help you figure out why your relationships might be blocking your happiness, and what to do about it.

Not only will this guide help you figure out how to build and maintain healthy relationships with others, it will also help you improve your relationship with yourself.

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Dating Guide for Widows

Come, let me guide you to a new, happy and committed relationship. I know this journey can be frightening, but I promise to give you all the tools necessary to be safe and happy. You don’t have to be fearful about choosing the right partner.

Loving again can fill us with joy, pierce our loneliness and bring us true happiness, but only if we choice wisely.

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Survivors Guide to Holidays and Special Occasions

Special occasions can be a time of joy and anticipation but for people who’ve recently lost a loved one, the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years can seem like a minefield of anxiety, anger and depression – not to mention Valentine day, birthdays and anniversaries.

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Widow to Widow – Mary’s Favorite Blog Postings

It has been my pleasure to have written well over 1,000 personal blog postings from 2010 to 2018. I have picked my favorite postings to create this 91 page book.

I am also including as a bonus, written entries from my private journals. These entries are from when my husband died in 2007 and my first year as a widow in 2008.

Ultimately, grieving and healing is a very personal experience. My wish is that these blog postings will comfort and nurture you as it inspires you along your own journey.

Thank you for allowing me into your life and I hope that my personal blog postings will help you to see that it is indeed a journey. Even with all it’s ups and downs we still have many things to be grateful for – including being our own unique person.


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Handbook for Grievers

This reference handbook for grievers suggests things to do, and supports and encourages you on your grief journey. You don’t need to read it all in one sitting. Instead, take the time to go through it often and take notes on subjects that interest you.

There is enough range of information in this handbook to help you on your own personal journey of grief. Never give up on yourself. Hold on to this handbook, because something that doesn’t make sense now or seems too complicated will make sense to you later.

Ultimately, grieving and healing is a very personal experience. My wish is that this handbook will comfort and nurture you as it inspires you along your journey.

This handbook can help you go through the grieving process more easily, as you learn how to understand all the emotions that you’re experiencing. Keep your copy close for comfort, guidance, and support when you most need it.

A good way to use this handbook is to print it out and read it with a highlighter or pen in hand. Highlight and mark up those sections, passages, and parts that hit close to home and have personal meaning to you.

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Restore ~ Rebalance ~ Rejuvenate: Workbook

This 164 page workbook is designed to guide you into a future you’ve designed instead of a future that just happens. It will also help you understand all the emotions you’re experiencing.

Your next step is not about the past as much as today’s part of your journey. It’s about taking the necessary action steps to not only get rebalanced but to create the life of your dreams.

Rather than waiting for a change of environment before you act, take action now and your environment will naturally change around you.

By purchasing this workbook, you’ll be taking a major step toward being a happy and fulfilled person, understanding what you want from life. You’ll be guided through six weeks of daily steps to take positive action.

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