A  Guide to Surviving Holidays and Special Occasions

This Guide was created because it’s hard to get through the special occasions and holidays while grieving the loss of our loved one. It will help you do some planning and it’s the perfect map for your journey through all the occasions, with all their emotional up’s and down’s.

Our mistake is trying to keep everything the same as if our life was still normal. It’s not normal, in fact it has been forever changed, so the best approach is to face it head on and be prepared.

       Table of Contents

  1. Stop the Insanity
  2. Acknowledge Our Loss
  3. Defining Moments
  4. Emotionally Charged
  5. Tips and Advice
  6. Family Meals Show You Care
  7. Forgiveness
  8. Social Events
  9. Socializing – Plan Ahead
  10. Compassion Connects Us All
  11. Holiday Helpers
  12. Family Get-Togethers
  13. Count Down to Christmas
  14. Holiday Tips
  15. When It’s Just You & The Kids
  16. Holiday Traditions
  17. Holiday Treats
  18. Christmas Tree
  19. Christmas
  20. Fighting Stress
  21. Christmas Shopping
  22. Christmas Over Spending
  23. Holiday Meditation
  24. Share The Spirit
  25. Volunteering
  26. What is Your Gift to the World?
  27. What are You Doing New Year’s Eve?
  28. Valentine’s Day
  29. Birthdays and Anniversaries
  30. After a Few Years – What Then?


Print copies are not available