A Widows Forgiveness

The inability or unwillingness to forgive is one of the most common emotional blocks to healing. What are you holding onto – doctor or hospital error, unfeeling or insensitive remarks, God or the unfairness of it all. Any resentment of … Read More

Are Your Friendships Healthy?

As a widow my friends became even more important in my life. But I didn’t always appreciate them or the support they tried to give me. I ran hot and cold – some days I didn’t want to be alone … Read More

A Widow’s Loneliness – Part Three

The last two parts talked about loneliness, being busy and finally getting comfortable with yourself. Now the question is – are you still grieving and in the early stages of loneliness or are you ready to develop a healthy “aloneness”? … Read More

Money Troubles

I wish I could say that every widow is left financially set but in truth the death of a spouse can leave a lot of widows financially broke. Reality is harsh and I know you didn’t ask for this. It’s … Read More

Are You Thinking of Dating Again?

Looking for a new relationship while still grieving will just add to your emotional problems. Jumping into a new relationship when we are still raw with grief makes no sense and almost guarantees us to fail. All relationships are unique … Read More

Widows and Taking Financial Control

I may be making an impact on widows lives, but they have also made an unforgettable imprint on my soul. It is fulfilling to be giving value to other widows and your finances are the most important to have control … Read More

Are Widows and Their Money Soon Parted?

Most of us know by now that money doesn’t bring happiness but the truth is that the lack of money can bring plenty of pain. I’m not talking about money to buy a fancy car or a vacation home or … Read More

Is it Normal to Think About Suicide?

Probably the most undocumented response to grief is how some wish that they could end their own life. They don’t really want to kill themselves; they just wish for death to put an end to their pain. If you think … Read More

Life Events Change Us

No one goes from birth till death without some major changes – getting married, having kids, death of loved ones and retirement are just a few of the major changes that we have to handle. These changes don’t always come … Read More

Widows Need Unconditional Support

At Christmas we honor family and all its extensions. Everybody needs someone they can count on, trust and get that unconditional support that we all yearn for. That bond is more important now than ever before, because as widows we … Read More

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