What are the Goals of a Widow?

What Are Your Goals? What gives you the best value for your time? That indicates what you should do. Remember time spent is forever gone – it’s not like money that can be earned. Don’t let fear get in your … Read More

Widows Have Strong Emotions

You may have strong emotions (like hostility, anger, hopelessness) after the loss of your loved one. Researchers have begun to discover that when widows feel hopeless, their entire physical well-being is at risk. Even more dangerous is when you are angry … Read More

Loneliness is Curable

At times in my life, as a widow, I have been utterly lonely.  Try admitting this in our culture and you’ll find that the listeners will cringe with a mixture of pity, revulsion and alarm.  In our culture everyone wants … Read More

Why do Friends Drift Away?

Unfortunately, about two months after you’ve lost your husband your friends kind of forget about it. They dropped over a lasagna or sent flowers. They may even have taken time off work to attend the funeral. They shed genuine tears … Read More

Shopping Therapy for Loneliness

I decided that I would put all my receipts in a basket to see where I spent my money. It just seems that the money goes and I don’t know where. After all I never go to fancy stories to … Read More

My Memories As A Widow

Two months after Donnie’s death I did our monument. I put our wedding date and picture on it, and had it inscribed with “Charlie Brown and Snoopy Forever”. In the back it has the Serenity Prayer and I believe the … Read More

Helping a Widow Friend in Need

We have all been there, where we needed the support and comfort of friends. Now it’s time to pass it on to others that are in need. Do you know, that as a widow, you have a special connection with … Read More

Widows and Optimism

As you grieve you may be suffering from a general lack of energy. You may feel tired and drained. You may be highly stressed and on your way to a complete burn-out. Take action now to bring your energies back … Read More

Take a Leap of Faith

What if you had no fear of failing, of being alone or being disapproved by others? All this is the worst case scenario that we all fear when we take a leap of faith. It’s not unusual for widows to … Read More

Be Gentle With Ourselves

Sometimes, we are so consumed with our own grief that it is difficult to understand or even acknowledge the depth of others’ grief. As parents, sometimes we don’t understand that our own children, after having lost one parent, are fearful … Read More

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