CAA Magazine November 2011

Check out your November 2011 CAA magazine.  I have a great article in it about the value of booking your trips through CAA instead of online.  When Donnie and I booked our cruise in the summer of 2007 we had … Read More

Transition – Stages Of Grief

I wanted to understand why my husband died so young, at the age of only fifty-three.  I wanted to figure out why it happened, so I could move on. Transition is the beginning of realizing  that there is no clear … Read More

Self Worth As A Widow

Your feelings of self-worth and self-esteem will greatly affect how well you will find your path.  Low self-esteem and loss of identity are common after the loss of a spouse. You have invested so much of yourself into your marriage … Read More

Letting Go – Stages of Grief

It’s tough to let go of the strong emotional ties which remain after the death of a loved one.  Nevertheless, it is important to stop investing emotionally into what you cannot change. Instead begin to invest your time in productive … Read More

Peace, Balance and Enjoyment

No matter what responsibilities you may have, you can find peace, balance and enjoyment in every area of your life, but it all starts with you.  You have more power inside of you than you may realize.  You just have … Read More

Instant Gratification

Nowadays, we all want instant gratification and don’t have patience.  We want everything to happen this instant and we don’t always understand the value of patience, of being ready when the proper time comes. As we set out to find … Read More

Nov 2011 – Chicks Night Out

I love the monthly get together of ladies. I don’t think I will ever grow tired of meeting new friends and sharing time with everyone. Tonight I meet three ladies that are grieving the loss of the same man – … Read More

Anger – Stages Of Grief

Grieving is an important part of your recovery journey.  But we might also go through a lot of anger as we grieve our loss.  Most widowed people are not aware that they are capable of such rage because they have … Read More

Old Friends – Stages Of Grief

As you’ve discovered grief is quite painful and you need your friends more then ever. Unfortunately, many couple friends are lost when you are no longer part of a couple. Your old couple friends may have a party and your … Read More

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