Bereavement is a period of mourning or state of intense grief.  You will soon find that family and friends may not understand your unique bereavement journey. Try to find others that are in your situation but are further along.  They … Read More

7 Key People

Widows need support and encouragement. These 7 key people will help you get what you need.  We all have people in our lives that come and go, but there are others that are here for the long haul.  They care … Read More

Crime Stoppers’ Checklist for Widows

Widows need to be safe in their own homes. The list below was selected from a pamphlet published by MetLife’s Consumer Education Center. Do you have a dog? Barking dogs attract attention that a burglar doesn’t want. Do you leave … Read More

Courage to Love Again – Widowed

The act of love requires work and courage.  Once widowed there is a certain amount of fear when reaching out to others and loving again.  We have been hurt by the death of our loved ones and don’t want to … Read More

Law of Attraction Workshop

What Is Your Life – Positive or Negative?  “Law of Attraction” is all about having a positive life even when things aren’t going your way.      I don’t just teach about the Law of Attraction – I teach “how to … Read More

Do Widows Postpone Making Decisions?

Sometimes we widows keep putting off what needs to be done, thus causing stress and anxiety to build up.   Life is hard when we are grieving and it can be easier to postpone making a decision than to think … Read More

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