Cherish the Memories

Here is an great article from Dora Carpenter, CPC – Founder The ANIYA Group Life Coaching Center Cherish the Memories and Embrace the FutureWhat do you do when you can’t go back, can’t erase, can’t redo, and can’t … Read More

Being In The Moment

Most widows don’t want to be in the moment because the current moment holds the pain of grief.  They are looking for the future – a future that has softened their grief.  But what they don’t realize is that the … Read More

We Need Positive People

I enjoy encouraging people to seek out the positive in life by listening to others with the intent to find good about what they are saying or doing. If you tune into the positive, you will get clues about what … Read More

Joel Osteen Quote

God puts people in our lives on purpose so we can help them succeed and become all He created them to be.  Most people will not reach their full potential without somebody else believing in them.  That means you and … Read More

Widows and Their Wedding Rings

A year ago I thought about taking my rings off but I just was not ready.  It was almost four years but it didn’t feel right to me. More time has passed and it will soon be five years that … Read More

Widows – Do you ever consider giving up?

You will experience setbacks– everyone does.  The best way to look at setbacks is to see them as challenges and a natural part of your journey.  Challenges do not have to stop you in your tracks.  They can add meaning … Read More

Get a Grip on the Paper Work

Often in the earliest stages of grief we have to deal with a lot of paper work.  Contact the professionals and ask for clarification for everything that you are not sure of.  In fact, I recommend that you get a … Read More

The Many Faces of Grief

When we lose a loved one there is the obvious loss of that person and we grieve for them. There are, however, other losses: Your future as part of a couple The role of a wife and lover The status … Read More

Where Does All The Widow’s Time Go?

Do you sometimes feel like you have no choice about how you use your time?  We all have choices but some may be difficult and so we make no choice at all.  But don’t confuse tough choices with no choices. … Read More

Are Widows and Their Money Soon Parted?

Most of us know by now that money doesn’t bring happiness but the truth is that the lack of money can bring plenty of pain. I’m not talking about money to buy a fancy car or a vacation home or … Read More

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