Do You Postpone Decisions?

It is often easier to postpone making a decision than to make a decision that you are not sure of. You can feel overwhelmed after your spouse dies and fear making a decision you will regret.  Take three pages and … Read More

Having A Bad Day?

Bad days – we all have them.  One day everything is fine and the next everything looks grey and sad.  The good news is that pain, while soul-crushing, is manageable.  The pain can steal my peace but it does leave behind … Read More

Death, Support and Bereavement

Admitting what we feel is the beginning of moving forward and being able to make changes to our new life. My support came from other widows who had traveled the grief journey before me.  They shared their compassion and were … Read More


I’ve been working hard so all I could think about was having a lazy Saturday all to myself.  I was going to sleep in, do a little housework, read and relax.  No plans to go anywhere or do anything – … Read More

Learning A New Skill

One of the fastest ways to learn new skills permanently is to share them with other people as soon as you learn them. Each time you come across a good idea in a book, take a few moments to share it with … Read More

As A Widow, Are You A Follower?

When you have lost a loved one it’s easy to fall into a pattern of allowing yourself to drift along by taking a submissive role in life. But what happens is that you end up being a follower with no … Read More

A Widows Inner Strength

To the outside world, strength is power – to influence others or beat your opposition.  But then there’s inner strength, resilience, moral fiber – all of which help us to stand up for what we believe in.  This inner strength … Read More

Start Every Day Positive

You just have to hang in no matter what is happening around you. First, get up every morning a little earlier to sit quietly and think about your plans for the day. You become what you focus on most of … Read More

A Widows Emotional Fatigue

Don’t be surprised if you are emotionally drained after the death of your loved one.  Your body is taking enormous amounts of energy just to fight your stress.   Lack of sleep – fatigue and weariness – can hit you … Read More

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