Dating Guide for Widows

I have a new Guide called “Dating Guide for Widows” that is now for sale as a download file.  You can find it under “Products” page on my website Come, let me guide you to a new, happy and committed … Read More

A Widow’s Friend – Yes or No

When our loved one died our lives and the people in them were forever changed. When we are grieving, our friendships may experience some difficulties, but there is an art to knowing when a friendship can be fixed and when … Read More

Jealous Widow

I don’t know about you but I find it hard to watch couples together. The young lovers, holding hands and so openly showing their love, make my heart break from memories of my earlier years with my husband. Yes, we … Read More

Kids Who Don’t Want Mom Dating

What about a widow who starts dating a great guy and is having fun, feeling like a teenager again – but her two teenagers aren’t pleased? They become angry and start treating her in a mean way. This widow is … Read More


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