Saying Goodbye to the Dying

Saying good-bye to a dying loved one — what to talk about, when, and how — doesn’t come naturally to most of us. All they ask of us is what people appreciate hearing at any time of life: words of … Read More

Short Term Energy Releasing Behaviors

The death of a loved one produces a lot of negative energy.  Our natural reaction is find something to release this energy and make us feel better.  S.T.E.R.B.S. – Short term energy releasing behaviors is all about the short term … Read More

Grieving Children and the Holidays

Helping Grieving Children Deal with the Holidays Children are often referred to as the “forgotten mourners.” They have learned not to upset their parents and so they withdraw and don’t ask any questions. They just hope things will turn out … Read More

Watch Your Words

Words spoken without thought can hurt grieving widows and cause unnecessary pain. Words have impact and rude, mean, harsh and nasty remarks have harmful effects.  These thoughtless words live long after they are spoken and affect everyone within hearing distance. On … Read More

You Gotta Have Friends!

You have likely already heard how important friendships are when you are grieving.  Recent studies show that lonely grievers are more likely to develop high blood pressure, sleep poorly and get sick more often.  On the other hand if you … Read More

Make Your Home Happier

When we are grieving nothing appeals to us and our empty home just highlights our loneliness. Sprucing up our home by making little changes can lighten our outlook on life. A soothing space also allows you to be more creative … Read More

Learning to Accept Help

The death of a loved one feels so unreal and yet we still think we can handle it on our own.  We think, “I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me”, so we don’t accept the support or help offered. … Read More

Love and Appreciation

Every once in a while I get hit over the head by a blessing that can not be missed.  Today, out of the blue, my beautiful daughter inlaw gave me flowers and wrote a thank you note with my 4 … Read More

Permission to be Happy

Remember the days when we needed permission to do just about anything, first, from parents, and then from others? Permission was doled out according to some kind of mysterious and unwritten system. It seems to me that we never outgrow … Read More

Learn To Honor Each Day

Learning to honor each day with a humble spirit can be a challenge. Where does it come from, this human urge for “more” and “more”.  As we seek things we lose the little perfections of our day – the beauty … Read More

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