Anger – Stages Of Grief

Grieving is an important part of your recovery journey.  But we might also go through a lot of anger as we grieve our loss.  Most widowed people are not aware that they are capable of such rage because they have … Read More

Old Friends – Stages Of Grief

As you’ve discovered grief is quite painful and you need your friends more then ever. Unfortunately, many couple friends are lost when you are no longer part of a couple. Your old couple friends may have a party and your … Read More

Loneliness – Stages of Grief

When you lose your loved one, the feelings of loneliness are the strongest that you will probably ever know.  Many of your daily living habits will be altered now that your loved one is gone. As a couple you do … Read More

Fear – Stages Of Grief

Have you ever been lost?  That feeling of not knowing how to find your way feels life threatening and can make you fearful. It can be so overwhelming that you want to hide from your fear by either not leaving … Read More

In Tribute To A Young Friend by Harriet Cabelly

Today was the fifth anniversary of the death of an 18 year old girl.  Aviva was my daughter’s college roommate overseas.  She was memorialized today with a brunch service that included moving and eloquent speeches and acknowledgment of a charity … Read More

Denial – Stages Of Grief

Denial as in “I can’t believe this is happening” can be a safety mechanism for when our pain is overwhelming us.  By putting our pain into “denial” we give ourselves some time to digest what is happening. The bad news … Read More

Grief Journey

One of the most important skills we will ever learn is how to adjust to a crisis in our lives.  There will be more crises in our future and learning how to handle the pain will help shorten our path. … Read More

What Is Healing?

How does a person define “Healing”?  It can mean different things at different times in our lives.  I think it is an ongoing process, a journey that has no real end. Healing has a crooked path with a lot of  ups … Read More

Are You Hurting?

Go ahead, acknowledge that you’re hurting.  It’s natural, expected and even healthy to feel the pain so you can eventually heal. Can I help you?  Well, I can at least share with you some of the stories from widows who … Read More

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