Relationships When Grieving

One of the things you should always ask yourself in any relationship is “What is it costing me?” Is the relationship one of sharing or is it more one sided? Do you walk away feeling uplifted or does it suck … Read More

How To Help Someone Who Is Depressed

If you think someone has a case of depression, it’s helpful to know what to look for: Lack of interest in personal appearance. One of the most obvious signs of depression in older adults is when they stop caring about their … Read More

Depression – Know The Signs

Is it really grief depression or just a bad day?  It’s not always easy to tell the difference, especially when there seems like a good reason to be depressed, such as a chronic illness or loss of a loved one. … Read More

Myth #3: If you don’t cry now, it’ll be worse later

Some people never cry. Tears or outward expressions of anguish simply aren’t everyone’s grieving style, says psychologist Neimeyer. This doesn’t mean they’re grieving less then someone who is visibly shaken or that they didn’t love the person just as much. … Read More

Myth #2: Grief disappears slowly but steadily.

Most people never stop grieving a death; they learn to live with it. Grief is a response, not a straight line with an endpoint Ignore oft-quoted rules and opinions that  predict how long certain types of grief should last. Learning … Read More

Myth #1: It’s possible to cry too much.

Everyone grieves differently. There’s no single correct way to express the pain, sorrow, emptiness, and other parts of the transition need to learn to live on your own again. Intense responses are sometimes seen as “losing control,” when in fact … Read More

Hugging, the perfect cure for what ails you.

No movable parts, no batteries required, no periodic checkups Low energy consumption, high energy yield, inflation proof No monthly payments, no insurance requirements Theft proof, non taxable, non polluting And of, course, fully returnable Hugging is healthy, it relieves tension … Read More

Having A Bad Day?

Bad days – we all have them.  One day everything is fine and the next everything looks grey and sad.  The good news is that pain, while soul-crushing, is manageable.  The pain can steal my peace but it does leave behind … Read More

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