Saying Goodbye to the Dying

Saying good-bye to a dying loved one — what to talk about, when, and how — doesn’t come naturally to most of us. All they ask of us is what people appreciate hearing at any time of life: words of … Read More

Forgive – Not for them but for yourself

Grief can cause us to spun out of control and with that goes all reason.  This is a time when foolish comments and actions by others can cause us a lot of extra pain. You don’t need to forgive others for … Read More

Be Free To Forgive

Sometimes things happen between people during the illness and death of a loved one that causes a lot of hurt feelings.  These negative feelings have an impact on our lives, both mentally and physically. Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves because … Read More

The Four Promises of Forgiveness

Nothing in this world is more stressful then the death of a loved one.  At this time emotions are running high and things that may not have bothered us instead become a major point of disagreement. Yes people say things … Read More


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