Widows Have Empathy For Others

I have talked a lot about this feeling of “empathy” that I share with some of my widowed friends. We have had many long talks about the necessity of understanding the reactions of others, trying not to judge, accepting offers … Read More

How Are You Doing?

Take time on your grief journey to stand still and shake off the heavy burden you have been carrying. Ask yourself some questions: Do you still think of your husband every day? Do you become emotionally upset or can you … Read More

A Widow’s Capacity to Keep Going

As widows we need to learn to take satisfaction in the small steps we take towards healing.   The most content widows I know take joy where they can find it.  Having something to look forward to, is such an essential … Read More

A Widows Clutter

Having a lot of things stuffed in boxes in the garage and closets will create negative energy in our lives.  Eliminating the clutter will free us of always thinking about it and just doing it.  One of the most important … Read More

Grief Journey

One of the most important skills we will ever learn is how to adjust to a crisis in our lives.  There will be more crises in our future and learning how to handle the pain will help shorten our path. … Read More


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