Regrets When Dying

People change when they are faced with their own mortality.  They experience a variety of emotions as they seek peace with their life and their death. There seems to be a common theme to the regrets they have: I wish … Read More

Valentine’s Day as a Widow

Often we respond to the pain in our lives by instinctively shutting it out of our mind.  Denial is a form of disengagement but although it numbs the pain, it also delays our healing. Facing the truth about how our … Read More

A Widows Friends

I often talk about negative emotions and the need to get out with our friends.  Today is a perfect example of way this is so important.  It was a beautiful winter day but all I wanted to do was stay … Read More

Negative Emotions

Negative emotions are costly and inefficient. There was a study done of 678 aging Nuns in the School Sisters of Notre Dame Congregation.  Nuns whose writing expressed a preponderance of positive emotions ( happiness, love, hope, gratitude and contentment) tended … Read More

Friends Help Widow Friends

I can not begin to tell you how important it is to get out of the house.  After your husband dies life is just bleak and there is no joy.  It is too easy to hide within yourself and not … Read More

Stages Of Grief – Sexuality

O.K. – here it is, I’m going to talk about sex, that forbidden topic that no one wants to bring up.  What do you think of when the word sex is mentioned?  Most of us tend to be interested, but … Read More

Stages Of Grief – Healthy Relationships

Often after our spouse has died, we go looking for another relationship – one that appears to have everything that the previous one had. Because this new relationship appears to solve all of your problems, you hold onto it tightly.  … Read More

Lack of Sleep

Sleeping is one of the most important sources of recovery in our lives. Even small amounts of lost sleep can have an impact on strength, moods, energy level and concentration.  We need about seven to eight hours of sleep a … Read More

What do you miss the most?

I miss having him home when I came home.  The house seems so empty without his presence. I miss having him tease me out of my bad mood.  Things never seemed so bad when I had him to balance me … Read More

Plan Ahead

The first time I went out to a movie without Donnie it was with a group of friends.  It didn’t feel right and I couldn’t wait to get back home.  I had thought, “ It will do me good to … Read More

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