Make the Home Yours

Your home was a home that was shared with your spouse and how you may not feel at home in your own house.  Do you dread facing the empty house when you come home? Slowly and carefully you may want … Read More

We All Need To Be Valued

One of things I miss is having a husband that loved and valued me.  Love in a marriage is often expected but being valued as a person comes with the maturity of the relationship.   I’m still loved and valued … Read More

Assume Control

When your loved one died you had no choice because you were not in a position of control.  Tears flow and again you are not in control.  Others around you take over and although they are trying to help, again … Read More

Trust – It doesn’t come easy!

You may have a painful love wound resulting from the ending of the love relationship with your spouse and this love wound may prevent you from loving again.  It’s hard to trust and get into another relationship where you may end … Read More

Could Somebody Really Love Me?

The typical widow wonders, “Can I find love again?” When you lose your spouse you often re-examine what love really is.  You may feel unlovable and even be afraid that you will never be in love again.  This fear can … Read More

Do You Postpone Decisions?

It is often easier to postpone making a decision than to make a decision that you are not sure of. You can feel overwhelmed after your spouse dies and fear making a decision you will regret.  Take three pages and … Read More

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