Have You Been Hiding Behind A Mask?

A mask is an image that you project so that others believe that is who you are.  But it stops others from really knowing how your feeling and may even keep you from knowing yourself. You may not want to … Read More

Surviving Widowhood

To “survive” as per the dictionary means “to live after the death of another person; to continue, endure; to come through alive”. I think that surviving widowhood is more than just “coming through alive”.  It’s a journey where you grow stronger … Read More

Lighting Of The Memorial Christmas Tree

I went to the Christmas Memorial Service at Brenan’s Funeral Home tonight. It was the first time I went and I just felt that I needed to be there. The joyous holiday season can be somewhat of a struggle when … Read More

Our Shared Journey – December 2011 Newsletter

Please check out Our Shared Journey Newsletter for December 2011. http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Holiday-Season-2011.html?soid=1104263796779&aid=_fSoLR0icz4

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