7 Ways To Build Your Confidence

It’s hard to start your life moving forward after the loss of a loved one.  How we respond to grief and it’s stress often comes down to how we feel about ourselves. It is so much easier if you can … Read More

Quote by Mary Anne Radmacher

“speak quietly to yourself & promise there will be better days. whisper gently to yourself and provide assurance that you really are extending your best effort. console your bruised and tender spirit with reminders of many other successes. offer comfort … Read More

Grief is Natural and Normal

Why is that when we suffer a significant loss others are quick to express an opinion on how long we should grieve? To grieve is normal – there will be anger, hurt, guilt, emptiness, sadness, helplessness and loneliness.  An abnormal … Read More

Why do Grievers Become Workaholics?

When we are grieving feelings of inadequacy can propel us into a self-destructive behavior.  Even though we may have accomplished some great things, many are still driven to do more and more. There are times when we get too caught … Read More

Be Kind To Yourself

Life is not about perfection.   Grief can easily turn into depression and so if today all you did was get out of the house than you are doing great. Love, appreciate and accept yourself just the way you are. … Read More

Clarity Using Law Of Attraction

Today I had my Fall “Law of Attraction” workshop and I have to tell you that I get so much positive energy from teaching this workshop. While teaching I realized that I needed to get some clarity about my own … Read More

Are You Happy With Yourself?

It’s hard to be happy, truly happy after you have lost a loved one.  Most grievers stop with being “content” because they can’t even imagine being happy.  Don’t settle for “contentment” when “happiness” is a gift we can have.  We … Read More

Unresolved Grief – Article by Russell Friedman

TV shows like  Hoarders, Bar Rescue, and The Biggest Loser, often show a connection between major grief events and the subsequent misfortunes the folks featured on these shows suffer from. Solutions are good, but if they are short-term rather than long-term, what happens … Read More

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