Living Apart Together

Are you thinking about dating again?  It’s a big decision for most widows so I thought I would let you know about the big trend for our generation called “Living Apart Together”. It’s the new thing for us boomers – … Read More

Grief is Different for Everyone

It’s highly individualized and is influenced by numerous factors, including the severity and duration of the relationship and/or illness. However, there are some principles that encompass grief healing: Healing can occur in many different ways. It involves transcending anger and … Read More

Are You Living In The Dark?

To new widows life is dark and there seems little hope, it feels as if we are lost and can’t find our way. Having lived in that darkness for a while, I decided one day that it was time to … Read More

Grief is Powerful

When I was a child I thought that if I was good and did what I was supposed to that life would be easy and I wouldn’t have any troubles.  When I grew up I learned that troubles come naturally … Read More

Take a Leap of Faith

What if you had no fear of failing, of being alone or being disapproved by others? All this is the worst case scenario that we all fear when we take a leap of faith. It’s not unusual for widows to … Read More

Be Gentle With Ourselves

Sometimes, we are so consumed with our own grief that it is difficult to understand or even acknowledge the depth of others’ grief. As parents, sometimes we don’t understand that our own children, after having lost one parent, are fearful … Read More

Widows Doing Something They Love

I have listened as widows tell me that the "fun" side of them has virtually disappeared. It seems that along their way, while grieving and facing the responsibilities of being single, they have lost sight of having fun – just when they needed it … Read More

Do Widows Become Invisible?

Being a widow changes how we think about ourselves and how the world looks at us.   It’s been years for me but sometimes I still feel like I’m half here and that if I’m not careful I will in time … Read More

Confronting Our Fears

When widows finally develop the courage to meet a problem head on, the problem disappears and with it our fears. Take the courage to make that difficult phone call, confront a person or make a sacrifice – just making the … Read More

What Is a Soul Mate?

It's hard to define what a "soul mate" is because we all have different expectations, but one thing is for sure and that is that we know when we have found one. A "soul mate" shares a special intimacy with … Read More

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