Chick’s Night Out – New Brunswick

I have created a new Facebook page for the women in New Brunswick, Canada that have lost a loved one. "Chick's Night Out – New Brunswick" is a closed site where widows can share their feelings and get encouragement and support … Read More

Fire Fighters at Fort McMurray Fire

I'm studying to become an "Early Intervention Field Traumatology" and in my study material is the below article that I wanted to share in honor of the Fire Fighters at the Fort McMurray fire.   I Wish You Could See I wish … Read More

Widows – Fainthearted to Fearless

I must confess that I never liked change. I’ve worked at the same organization for 36 years, married to the same guy and living a life of routine, right up till the day Donnie died. But that one major change … Read More

Widows and the People in Their Lives

How do you relate to the most important people in your life? Ask yourself “Do I get what I need from my relationships?” and “Am I investing enough time and effort in my relationships?” In each of your relationships you … Read More

Acute Grief and Suicide

Most grief is anticipated with family and friends knowing in advance that death is coming. But acute grief is sudden, unannounced and leaves you shaken to the core. When your loved one dies, you not only lose them – you … Read More

Caregivers Health

It is common for the health of caregivers to become compromised. Sometimes help for caregivers can be difficult to find but Hospice Volunteers go willingly into homes to relieve the caregivers as needed. When the need is there, it is … Read More

Widows – Stress and Lack of Sleep

Sleep is hard to come by when we lose our loved ones. It’s very important that we understand how lack of sleep affects our lives and what we can do about it. A list of what happens when we don’t … Read More

Forgiveness and Grace

In my life I’ve made many mistakes but the ones I regret the most are my parenting mistakes. Donnie and I got along so well that children were just a natural part of our journey together. What we didn’t realize … Read More

Face to Face Friendships

Are you keeping track of your friendships through Facebook? Truth is that it’s sometimes just tidier and more efficient to send out a quick electronically message, eliminating the need for conversation. We are so used to multitasking that dealing with … Read More

It’s Okay to Be Wrong

If we are more sensitive to the views of others in the first place, we are less likely to put ourselves in situations where we have to make apologies. We need to say “I’m wrong” from our hearts and not … Read More

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