Surviving As a Widow

To “survive” as per the dictionary means “to live after the death of another person: to continue, endure; to come through alive”. I think that surviving as a widow is more than just “coming through alive”.  It’s a part of … Read More

Our Inner Voice

The most important voice we need to listen to is “Our Inner Voice”.  Each time a widow ignores her inner voice she shrinks inside of herself.  The more she denies her voice, the more she fears rejection.  Instead of relying … Read More

The Plague of Depression

Here you are, grief has led you steadily down the road and straight into what many widows call “the plague of depression.” This is what we consider the most difficult part of grieving.  It’s a time when we are likely … Read More

Secretly Sad

Widows who are grieving often start wearing a mask of “I’m okay” when they spend time with others.  But within their home they are secretly sad, lonely and are hurting. For many widow’s therapy helps because its a safe place … Read More

Modern Day Grief

How does our modern day grief compare to the many traditional mourning customs of previous generations? In Queen Victoria’s day widows wore black for a year as an outward display of their grief.  In many cultures today widows move their … Read More

From Wife to Widow

No one can possibility understand the transition from wife to widow unless they have travelled that path themselves. When our husband died we started living in this time of change, loneliness and often fear.  This is where a widow needs … Read More

Darkest Before the Dawn

“It always seems darkest before the dawn.”  We’ve all heard that saying a thousand times, but it can be very true for widows.  The middle of the night can be the hardest hours when we are grieving.  It’s extremely hard … Read More

Silence Our Inner Doubts

One of our biggest challenges is learning to silence our inner doubts.  Widows are under a lot of pressure and can easily fall into the “I’m never going to be happy again” trap.  I know because I was there after … Read More

Healing Connections

I hope that you gave grief all the time it needed so that this will be the beginning of healing connections and a new revised future for you.  I am pulling for you, from one widow to another I’m hoping … Read More

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