Don’t Make Major Decisions When Grieving

When I got certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist they were quite stern that under no circumstances was a grieving person to make any major changes in their life for at least a year. I wish I knew that seven … Read More

People in Your Life

As widows we get knocked off balance but we must get back into living our lives and not just existing. There are three parts in our life journey – yesterday, today and tomorrow and the people we allow in our … Read More

Getting Married Again

When is it right to get married again? I think you should get married again when you feel that you don’t want to live without this person in your life. I have witnessed some new relationships and a number of … Read More

Being Single or Dating Again

You may find that being a widow and single is hard but you’re happier single then dating. It doesn’t matter what you choose – being single or looking for another relationship – what matters is that you first take the … Read More

Widows With the Courage to Love Again

The act of love requires work and courage. When alone there is a certain amount of fear when reaching out to others and loving again. We have been hurt by the death of our loved ones and don’t want to … Read More

New Year’s Eve as a Widow

Ring in the year with some of your best friends. New Year’s Eve is the holiday where you spend time with the friends you care about the most and it’s also the holiday that’s most painful when you are by … Read More

The Power of Relationships

Christmas may be over but our social life still has to be addressed. Relationship are not just knowing how to manage one on one but also knowing how to be part of a group. Do you find it hard to … Read More

For Us Widows – Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas – My gift to you is this list that came from the book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie. It’s a hard time of the year without our loved ones, but “Just for Today” … Read More

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