Is Honesty the Right Policy

I have a question for you, “Is Honesty the Right Policy?”  Think about the last time someone asked you how you were doing and you replied that you were “okay”.  Lies create distance and destroys relationships – is that what … Read More

Are You A Worrier?

We all worry about something, sometimes, but if you are a chronic worrier, you may need some help.  It’s time to ask yourself, “Are You a Worrier?”  When was the last time you had a day free of anxiety?  Worry … Read More

Are You in Limbo

After the death of our loved ones we feel weighted down by our grief.  Are you in limbo?  Widows often feel like they are in limbo and that in itself makes it even harder to move forward. We realize in … Read More

Strong Emotions

Widows have strong emotions (like anger, fear, hopelessness) when their spouses die.  Sadly we often feel hopeless and our mental, physical and spiritual health are at risk.  Even more dangerous is when our strong emotions of anger and hopelessness come … Read More

Is Change Good or Bad?

Widows often look at change as an obstacle, but is change good or bad?  It is one of those things we widows seem conditioned to repel. Change is often met with skepticism, anger and a lack of enthusiasm.  It’s not … Read More

What Is A Successful Widow?

As a widow, can you answer that question?  Can you define what success means to you, personally? Each of us can have real success in our talents, time, resources and relationships by building up our self-confidence and character. Success is … Read More

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