Memories Can Never Be Stolen

Life isn’t about “things” – “things” don’t come to your funeral. This past weekend I cleaned out the cottage so I could close it up for the winter. You would think that it would get easier but it doesn’t. It … Read More

True Friends

Nervous anticipation fluttered through me when I socialized the first year after Donnie’s death.  I remember one particular evening out with some friends and their husbands.  It was the first couple time with them without Donnie and I worried that I … Read More

How To Have Victory Over The Negatives

It’s hard to be positive when your grieving, but how you respond to your loss is totally up to you.  When negative thoughts about life and people start to take control, interrupt them and recall instead your good memories and the … Read More

Can You Learn To Love Change?

Years have passed since I became a widow, a change I did not see coming.  In truth I never liked change and never went looking for it.  I’ve worked for the same organization for thirty six years and was married … Read More

Recognize Your Feelings Of Grief

Do you need some “emotional coping” skills for protection against the pain of grief?   When you lose a loved one you are especially sensitive to everything and everyone around you.  If someone says something that reminds you of your loss, your mind … Read More

Talking Made Me Feel Better

After Donnie’s death I felt helpless.  I’ll never forget those first few months of grief because it was harder than it should have been. I didn’t know at that time just how much I needed to talk to other widows. … Read More

Widows and Perfection

As a widow do you find yourself trying to do everything perfectly?  I always liked doing things a certain way and I didn’t trust anyone else to help me.  After Donnie’s death I felt like a failure because I couldn’t … Read More

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