Are There Different Types of Grief?

Intense sorrow is caused by the death of a loved one and it’s an emotion that varies in duration and intensity from person to person. In short, there is no easy way to “cure” grief. Instead, psychologists believe that the … Read More

Why is Sleep so Important?

When we are grieving we need to get our sleep.  Lack of sleep adds even more stress to our minds and bodies.  Below is a list of what happens when we don’t get enough sleep or when our sleep quality is poor: Lower concentration. … Read More

Dealing with Adversity

No one likes adverse circumstances and we certainly don’t seek them out, but if we are living and breathing we will not be able to avoid difficult situations. It’s hard to acknowledge but grief does help us to develop our … Read More

You Are Vulnerable

We like to think of ourselves as being strong but in these days of stress and recovery, remember that you’re vulnerable to those around you and all the changes that are coming your way. Physical Health: Get your rest, your … Read More

Are You Going In Slow Motion?

After we lose a loved one our judgment is off so postpone major decisions, if possible.  Ask friends and family to help you make minor decisions but keep major changes to a minimum. Absentmindedness, forgetfulness and being accident prone are … Read More

A Widow’s Courage

A few years into widowhood and we’re far more able to make decisions, take risks and try new things without being crippled by the fear of failure or the equally intimidating possibility of being successful on our own. Whether it’s … Read More

Financial Do’s and Don’ts

Here is some advice for widows that are thinking about getting into a new relationship.  Couples need to address money issues early if they have any hope of sustaining a happy relationship. Hold on to your independence:  No matter how long … Read More

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