Surviving As a Widow

To “survive” as per the dictionary means “to live after the death of another person: to continue, endure; to come through alive”. I think that surviving as a widow is more than just “coming through alive”.  It’s a part of … Read More

Healing Choice

Every widow grieves her own way and will come to the point where her healing choice is necessary.  The types of healing needed will differ depending upon the widow and her circumstances. The properties of healing are present in our … Read More

Our Inner Voice

The most important voice we need to listen to is “Our Inner Voice”.  Each time a widow ignores her inner voice she shrinks inside of herself.  The more she denies her voice, the more she fears rejection.  Instead of relying … Read More

Difficult People

Before I can advise you on how to deal with difficult people, we first have to define who they are: Needy Pushy Superficial Passive-aggressive Actively aggressive Critical and judgmental Chronic complainers Stubborn and argumentative Try to maintain a spirit of … Read More

Spirit Of a Widow

I want to inspire “The Spirit of a Widow” in you so you can see yourself as a strong woman who can overcome her fears and trials. I know you can boldly face “widowhood” and can handle difficulties with courage.  … Read More

Healthy Ways to Grieve

When you are grieving it’s easy to feel that nobody understands what you are going through.  It’s important for you to seek healthy ways to grieve, ways that personally work for you. The problem with suffering in silence is that … Read More

Saving Money and Being Frugal

Most widows have had their household income reduced and so saving money and being frugal has become a necessary part of their grief journey. Here are a few tips to help you: Be a savvy consumer and never buy a … Read More

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