Do You Want to Skip Christmas?

If they ever invent time travel, many of us widows will be the first to line up to skip pass November and December for a first class ticket to January.  We will bypass all of the "holiday cheer" and having to … Read More

Crazy Season of Expectations

It’s part of our culture to want what we don’t have and not to be grateful for what we do have. This “season of wants” puts pressure on everyone to give and spend until you wish you hadn’t. This crazy … Read More

Guide to Manage Stress and Sleep

Mary’s second Booklet – “A Guide to Manage Stress and Sleep” • Do you get so tired & stressed that you don’t have any energy to care about life? • Do you keep busy so that you’re exhausted at bed … Read More

Are You Lonely At Christmas?

I’ve been out every night this week: Monday – Dinner and movie with 14 ladies from “Chicks Night Out” Tuesday – Dinner with 7 people from work. Wednesday – Evening with sister and family. Thursday – “Chicks Night Out” Christmas … Read More

Grieving with Family and Friends

I had lots of support from family and friends when Donnie died. Even a year later they were there at the grave site for the one year anniversary. I truly appreciate them; but as much as I needed their support, … Read More

What Is Your “Truth”?

It seems that we are constantly told untruths and need to filter everything we hear.  But let’s focus on ourselves instead of others – that’s where it really matters. What do you really stand for?  What will you compromise on? … Read More

What to Do With Despair?

“Despair” means loss of hope and it’s normal to want to rush in to help.  But promising things that cannot be delivered will make you appear less reliable and trusting and when they need you even more they will not … Read More

Joel Osteen Quote

God puts people in our lives on purpose so we can help them succeed and become all He created them to be.  Most people will not reach their full potential without somebody else believing in them.  That means you and … Read More


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