Dating Guide

We need guideness and support so if you have decided to start dating please consider purchasing my 50 page “Dating Guide – Are You Ready for Dating and Remarriage”. If you are single on Valentine’s Day then treat yourself because … Read More

Know The Man You’re Dating

Do you know the man you’re dating?  If your still grieving and aren’t emotionally ready to be in an intimate relationship, how are you going to determine if you’re with the right guy? They may be perfect BUT the relationship … Read More


Forgiveness is a necessary part of our grief journey.  Without it our broken heart will struggle to heal. Nothing in this world is more stressful then the death of a loved one. At this time emotions are running high and … Read More

Audio Book for Widows

Please listen and enjoy Chapter One of the book “The Sisterhood of Widows”– read by a Professional Reader Mary Francis, The Sisterhood of Widows #thesisterhoodofwidows, #widow, #grief, #griefsupport

The Giant Within

As widows we need all the positive energy we can get to help us on our grief journey, so that we can recognize the giant within us. I just finished reading the book “Awaken The Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins … Read More

Questions Not To Ask Yourself

What is really important to you as you move forward?  It helps when you stop focusing on the negatives and learn what questions not to ask yourself. The greatest joy lies not in just getting by, but in becoming all … Read More

Widow Advisors

Widow advisors are important as we grieve and heal.  We don’t have our husbands to talk things over with and so we need advisors that we can trust. Do you have enough monthly cash to cover your expenses? Do you … Read More

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