Widow’s Journal

If you’re serious about healing your broken heart, keep a widow’s journal.  When you hear something valuable or inspiring write it down, don’t trust your memory. The best way to organize yourself is to write things down, because “widow fog” … Read More

Overwhelmed Widow

When it comes to being an overwhelmed widow, the best way to get back your balance is to quiet yourself down.  If you don’t know what to do next – don’t do anything.  Get still, take a deep breath and … Read More

Two Bad Habits

As widows our energy is already low and so I want to warn you about two bad habits that we often take on after the death of our husbands. The first bad habit is irresponsible television watching.  I suggest that … Read More

Widow Support Groups

I believe that “Widow Support Groups” are enormously comforting and helpful if you are talking to other widows who are struggling with the same issues. Some widows are just not interested in face to face support groups.  They prefer to … Read More

Are You A Worrier?

We all worry about something, sometimes, but if you are a chronic worrier, you may need some help.  It’s time to ask yourself, “Are You a Worrier?”  When was the last time you had a day free of anxiety?  Worry … Read More

Maximize Your Decisions

To maximize your decisions widows have to ask themselves, “what now?”  Life has asked each widow the same question, but we have chosen to answer totally different from each other, and that’s okay. Every decision is a matter of choosing … Read More

Lonely During the Holidays

Widows are lonely during the holidays and we often feel left out and disconnected. There’s so much hype about happiness during the holidays that it’s natural to feel the loneliness.  We can’t help feeling that everyone’s having more fun than … Read More

Understanding Your Grief

When your husband died, grief took over: emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Your thoughts and feelings related to their death is what molds your mourning.  Understanding your grief is an important part to understanding how your grief is affecting you.  Though … Read More

How Are You Doing?

How Are You Doing – Really Doing?  People ask us all the time how we are doing and we usually say that we are doing “fine”, but I have some questions for you to answer: Do you think of your … Read More

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