Widow Fog

Widow fog comes as no surprise to us widows as we are distracted and have a lot on our plates.  We can’t seem to focus and have lost interest in any hobbies that we used to do.  Feeling unfocused is … Read More

Telehealth for Widows

Covid created a growth in “telehealth for widows” who are looking for treatments while staying in the safety of their homes. A wide array of health concerns can be dealt with by a simple phone call, computer facetime, skype or … Read More

Preserving Memories

It’s important that preserving memories is done as soon as possible because memories can be fragile. You could start an annual tradition that involves stories and pictures.  Get family and friends to find a picture of your loved one and … Read More

Cope and Adapt

Widows cope and adapt as they grieve.  Learning these two actions makes our grief easier to manage.  Coping is the ability to change our environment.  An example is joining new social groups and making new friends.  Adapting is changing ourselves … Read More

Why Me

“Why me?” could be the first question a widow asks when grief strikes.  At a loss to understand what’s happening, we ask, “Why did this happening to me?” and “How can I get better?” When we succumb to grief, our … Read More

Walk Off Stress

No one needs to walk off stress as much as a widow does.  If you’re tired of feeling lost and want to take control than please keep reading. I don’t think you’ll be surprised to read that heading out for … Read More

How Full Is Your Life

When I ask you, “How Full Is Your Life?” it’s to get you thinking about not only today, but all your tomorrows.  What are some ways to fill your life?  It can be as simple as a smile, saying hello … Read More

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