Being A Widow Isn’t Easy

Those early days of widowhood I’d just as soon forget, but all the pain and loss has shaped who I am today and is why I’m here to be part of your own journey. I provide valuable information, support and … Read More

Do Widows Need a Lift?

  It’s hard when you are grieving to feel uplifted. All we want to do is hide our heads under the pillow and be left alone, but I’ve got something a lot better for you than retreating to your bedroom. … Read More

Free Support Guides when Grieving

I’ve been blessed and I want to pass that on to all the widows that are struggling like I was. To that end I am no longer selling my Guides as downloads – they are now available for free off … Read More

When Sleep Won’t Come

If there is one problem shared by most widows, it’s that sleep won’t come and the nights are way too lonely and long. When my husband died I just couldn’t seem to locate the switch that would turn my brain … Read More

The Life Of A Caregiver

Caring for a loved one whose life has been shortened is challenging work that most of us are untrained or prepared for. The emotions, the worry, the uncertainty about treatments, caring for children and the social isolation are sometimes more … Read More

Forgive – Yes, You Can!

No one is perfect and we are certainly not ourselves when we lose someone we love. When you do make a mistake acknowledge it, but don’t hold onto it for the rest of your life. If you hurt someone in … Read More

Toxic Friendships

Friendships often change when we become a widow, some friends drift away because they were part of your couple friendships and some drift because they just can’t handle your grief. In both cases, let them go. But what about the … Read More

It’s Hard To Say Goodby

It’s hard to say good-bye to our husbands, but putting off meaningful conversations is perhaps the number one source of regret. Spend time telling them what they mean to you. Dying people want to hear four very specific messages from … Read More

Treat Yourself With Dignity

It’s time to make some changes and a good start is acknowledging the good and bad in your life. Write down a declaration that in this New Year you will make a conscious effort to treat yourself with dignity and … Read More

Recovering From Trauma

Widows need to talk, to share their stories and memories. Fortunately, most of us know that talking to a compassionate person can help heal our emotional pain, but if along with grief we carry anger and bitterness, we can get … Read More

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