Are You Happy With Yourself?

It’s hard to be happy, truly happy after you have lost a loved one.  Most grievers stop with being “content” because they can’t even imagine being happy.  Don’t settle for “contentment” when “happiness” is a gift we can have.  We … Read More

Unresolved Grief – Article by Russell Friedman

TV shows like  Hoarders, Bar Rescue, and The Biggest Loser, often show a connection between major grief events and the subsequent misfortunes the folks featured on these shows suffer from. Solutions are good, but if they are short-term rather than long-term, what happens … Read More

Grief is grief and while our stories are different the outcome is the same

I believe that grief is grief, loss is loss, and while all of our stories are different the outcome is the same. We have lost our parents, child, spouse, our loves, our friends and often suffer with the feelings of … Read More

Have You Done Your Estate Planning?

When you die, all your important documents need to be found – the will, birth certificate, life insurance policies, pension information, bank details and more. Have ownership papers for specific assets and property in with your other important papers. You … Read More

Can Laughter Help You Grieve?

Laughter helps ease pain, it can ease depression, it’s a way to move and get into your inner child plus it’s a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, as adults we don’t remember how to have fun. Dr. Michael Miller, Director, Center … Read More

Are We Obsessed With Our Grief

While expressing our grief openly is beneficial and necessary, there can be an excess of grief that can be damaging both psychologically and spiritually.  It is possible for us to become so obsessed with our loss that we become overtaken … Read More

Types of Hospice Care

There are many types of Hospice care depending on where you live.  Some programs may incorporate smaller existing programs or the community may choose based on its needs and financial capabilities. Informal Hospice Care Family wanting to care for the … Read More

Are there Different Stages of Grieving?

Some people believe that there are different stages of grieving but it’s not that simple.  We can’t say we are in stage two and getting ready for stage three.  Grief is just not that straight forward. When a loved one … Read More

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