Della Reese From “Touched by an Angel”

Have you ever watched the TV show “Touched By An Angel”?  It was one of the rare shows that I would watch every week because it made me feel good about life and gave me hope for the future. Della … Read More

Freedom Of Choice As A Widow

Freedom is having the ability to ask, “What do I want to do” as opposed to, “What needs to be done”. Instead of solely concentrating on others, we can focus on what we want, on what we find personally fulfilling.  … Read More

Purpose of Life as per Deepak Chopra

I’m reading an article from Oprah’s magazine where Oprah and Deepak are having a conversation.  I can’t say that I understand or follow everything in the article but there were some key points that really stood out to me. One … Read More

What’s Really Important?

They say that wisdom comes with age but even so I’m a late learner. Yesterday I taught a workshop on “Law of Attraction” and I had one of those light bulb moments of clarity.  While having lunch with the group … Read More

Shift in lifestyle and longevity

There has been a major shift for people between fifty and seventy-five as this generation is expected to be the healthiest and longest lived in history. The National Center for Health Statistics reports that an American who reaches the age … Read More

Financial Decisions

Financial decisions have to be made every time you turn around.   Everyone has an opinion but not everyone is an expert. This is your future security so be very cautious.  • Ask your bank about their Financial Planning Consultants. • … Read More

Article by Stephanie Chandler – A Widow’s Journey Through the First Six Months

Being a widow and knowing that you are alone is the hardest journey to take but we still have the knowledge that our husbands didn’t want to leave us. When you become a widow because your husband made that choice … Read More

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