Getting Organized

It is a rare person that has everything in order, who has a plan in place for what they will do when their loved one dies. You need to make a master list of what must be done immediately and … Read More

Giving Away Personal Possessions

Some people mark personal items in their home with masking tape to indicate the name of the person who is to receive it when they die.  Masking tape can be removed or lost so to ensure that each item is … Read More

Widows Peak Retreat

I’m passing on this message I got from Lindsay Priester about the Widows Peak Retreat at the Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone: I’m writing to let you know about Widows Peak, a weekend retreat specially designed for anyone who … Read More

Sleeping Pills

Sleep is as vital to your health as diet and exercise.  But when your loved one dies sleep is hard to come by.   Sometimes on a temporary basis such as the loss of a loved one sleeping pills may … Read More

Our Feelings As Survivors

All the books tell us that we need to connect with our feeling as if in some strange way they were in some other location rather than within us. Our feelings are what make us human and regardless of what … Read More

Early Years of Widowhood

In the early years of being a widow I searched out women who were years into widowhood and asked them to revisit that period in their lives.  They made themselves available to me and shared their deepest feelings. It was … Read More

I Used To Worry

I don’t worry like I use to and I think it’s because once I was touched by grief I realized nothing is worth worrying about. After all death is the worst and it’s come and gone out of my life … Read More

Goal Steps for Widows

Goals help us to move forward because they give us something to work towards.  Having goals means that we are not struck in the past.   Goals are us claiming our future and taking control of our lives.  I suggest … Read More

Questions That Empower You

As widows we need all the positive energy we can get to help us on our grief journey.  I just finished reading the book “Awaken The Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins and he talks about developing the habit of asking … Read More

Grief Will Emotionally Drain You

When widows are emotionally drained not sleeping is a frequent problem.  They have trouble going to sleep without using some kind of drug or alcohol.  Then they wake up early and can’t get back to sleep but yet they feel … Read More

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