Spirit Of a Widow

I want to inspire “The Spirit of a Widow” in you so you can see yourself as a strong woman who can overcome her fears and trials. I know you can boldly face “widowhood” and can handle difficulties with courage.  … Read More

Widow Support Groups

I believe that “Widow Support Groups” are enormously comforting and helpful if you are talking to other widows who are struggling with the same issues. Some widows are just not interested in face to face support groups.  They prefer to … Read More

Level of Awareness

When you start to heal you will reach a level of awareness where you realize that you are not stuck, and that a healing process has begun within you.  You take action and start moving forward according to what you … Read More

Post-Traumatic Growth

Most of us have heard about the negative “post-traumatic stress”, but “post-traumatic growth” is being studied by Lawrence Calhoun, a psychologist at the University of North Carolina. Post-traumatic growth focuses on the positive shifts that can occur in a person … Read More

Time Matters For Widows

Time matters for widows – age has given me a sense of clarity and appreciation that I didn’t have in my younger years.  Don’t listen to the myth that you can buy this or that product to be young again, … Read More

Fear of Rejection

Yes, grief hurts and fear of rejection is part of this emotional journey.  We lost part of our identity when we moved from being a wife to being a widow. It’s important that widows remind themselves of the many other … Read More

Online Dating Widows

To be honest a lot of online dating widows consider online dating because it seems so easy when dating is a click away. Let’s face it, we just aren’t going to be seeing a lot of dating opportunities the way … Read More

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