Cope and Adapt

Widows cope and adapt as they grieve.  Learning these two actions makes our grief easier to manage.  Coping is the ability to change our environment.  An example is joining new social groups and making new friends.  Adapting is changing ourselves … Read More

Don’t Settle

Dream big – don’t settle.  Don’t follow culture, make your own path.  We widows often settle for less then what we are capable of.  Take some action steps and you will find that it builds on itself.  Focus on what … Read More

Toxic People

It doesn’t matter if you’re a widow or not, toxic people are everywhere.  They are unavoidable and you will cross paths with them sooner or later. It’s just harder for widows because they are grieving and don’t have the emotional … Read More

Sex – The Forbidden Topic

It doesn’t matter how old we are – sex is the forbidden topic that no one wants to bring it up.  Most of us widows are still interested in sex, but are scared of dating and how we will react … Read More

From Good to Great

What are you good at?  Are you willing to go from good to great?  Whatever it is give it more respect.  Focus on what you do well and not your failures.  When we are thankful for something it has more … Read More

How Full Is Your Life

When I ask you, “How Full Is Your Life?” it’s to get you thinking about not only today, but all your tomorrows.  What are some ways to fill your life?  It can be as simple as a smile, saying hello … Read More

Widows Helping Widows

I believe that you can write out goals and try to do a vision statement, but it wouldn’t move you to heal as fast as reaching out and helping others in need.  Widows Helping Widows is a powerful healing tool. … Read More

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