New Year As a Widow

New Year Eve is really hard when your grieving and a widow. Everything about the holidays is hard and then at the end you are faced with the “couple” night of the year.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Everyone has been misjudged at one time or another in their lives.  After the death of your loved one there will always be people waiting to see your response, to judge your every action. Do not be discouraged.  If they seem … Read More

How To Use Humor

Many people think that there cannot possibly be anything to laugh about when you are grieving.  However, they are missing the extremely important function in how humor allows us to vent and it helps lessen our intense feelings. Humor can … Read More

Smet Monuments and Widows

I want to thank Steve Spires of Smet Monuments for having me as a speaker at his annual sales convention. I drove down to St. Stephen on Saturday and as usual I’m all keyed up and nervous about speaking to a … Read More

Lighting Of The Memorial Christmas Tree

I went to the Christmas Memorial Service at Brenan’s Funeral Home tonight. It was the first time I went and I just felt that I needed to be there. The joyous holiday season can be somewhat of a struggle when … Read More

Prayer In The Air Interview

Prayer In The Air Interview Interview with Paul Beran, Executive Producer of – Prayer In The Air

CAA Magazine November 2011

Check out your November 2011 CAA magazine.  I have a great article in it about the value of booking your trips through CAA instead of online.  When Donnie and I booked our cruise in the summer of 2007 we had … Read More

Transition – Stages Of Grief

I wanted to understand why my husband died so young, at the age of only fifty-three.  I wanted to figure out why it happened, so I could move on. Transition is the beginning of realizing  that there is no clear … Read More

Self Worth As A Widow

Your feelings of self-worth and self-esteem will greatly affect how well you will find your path.  Low self-esteem and loss of identity are common after the loss of a spouse. You have invested so much of yourself into your marriage … Read More

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