Do You Really Want to Make Resolutions?

Whose big idea was it to fix up all our widow problems, mend our hearts and start fresh in January?  And who invented New Year’s resolutions any how? It’s no wonder that most New Year’s resolutions fail.  But I’m not … Read More

Resolutions Can Be Small and Fun

New Year resolutions for widows don’t have to be big, they can be small and simple so you can have fun going after them. A goal doesn’t have to sound painful.  Why can’t it be the year of simple goals: … Read More

Anywhere but Here

This is a simple story: I became a widow at fifty, and my life changed in ways that are not easy to explain, even to myself. We all invent ourselves, more or less consciously, out of what we are and … Read More

A Widow’s New Year 2018

If you choose to bring in the New Year by yourself than do it in style. Try a glass of champagne or wine with double buttered popcorn and a favorite movie. I suggest a motivational movie like: Sea Biscuit, Rocky, … Read More


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