Honoring Our Loved Ones

Holidays can be used to honor our loved ones. Light a candle, tell favorite stories or share meaningful pictures. You may want to make a decoration, plant a tree or pick your own unique way to honor them. It’s also … Read More

Sharing A Meal With Family or Friends

Sometimes, when times are tough, a home cooked meal (giving or receiving) can be just the thing you need to lift your spirits. The last thing people think about in times of grief is cooking. It’s a true blessing to … Read More

Acknowledge Our Loss at Christmas

Though it’s easier to talk about almost anything than the dead, the dead are what mourners most need to talk about – especially jurying this festive season. Therefore please do not shy away from sharing your memories. Don’t try to … Read More

Holidays Tips for Widows

During the holiday season grieving is even more difficult so here are a few tips to help you: • A lot of traditions are no longer possible when a loved one dies. Keep what traditions you can and be willing … Read More

Music to Heal

Just about everyone I know is going through some kind of loss – we’re at an age where we’re losing friends, parents and older family members.  We can channel our emotional journey with songs – songs move us forward with … Read More

After a Few Years – What Then?

We have only a limited time on this earth and we need to face the reality that our life goes on after the death of our loved one. When we do, that constant awareness of the limit of our time … Read More

Grieving Time

If your a recent widow, you are just getting by minute by minute – then hour by hour – day by day – week by week until you finally can do month by month without breaking down. If you can … Read More


Today is the funeral for one of the widows in our “Chick’s Night Out” local group. She wasn’t 60 yet and had been fighting cancer long before the sudden death of her partner. She lost not only the love of … Read More

The Unknown World of a Widow

As widows we start our healing by allowing the unknown, being open to a world of possibilities.  As scary as that can be, it’s the only way to find out what you really want. Staying tied up in our past … Read More

The Goal For Widows

It’s hard to go from being a wife to a widow and even harder to think of our future without them.  But if we have only one goal it needs to be to reinvent our lives without them, while still … Read More

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