Widow Survivors

We widows need the support of those around us but we sometimes find it hard to express our need. Below is advice for you to share with those who care about you: • Listen to me. • Allow me to … Read More

A Widows Inner Circle of Friends

We are widows but we are also spiritual and energetic beings that have been knocked down by grief.  Our health is directly related to the environment we are in and it often suffers when we are grieving. We have three … Read More

Widows Embracing Life

Ten years ago I became a widow going through a dark season of grief.  I read that reconnecting with my inner child is a terrific way to heal my wounds.  But instead I have become absolutely fixed upon my “inner … Read More

We Need Positive People

I enjoy encouraging widows to seek out the positive in life by listening to others with the intent to find good about what they are saying or doing. If you tune into the positive, you will get clues about what … Read More

Widows That Vent

You’re lonely without your spouse and yes, there is no going back. And, just for now, complaining can make you feel better – if done within limits. The very word “vent” tells us that letting off some pressure is cathartic. … Read More

Widows Starting Work Again

Many women make the decision to stay home once the children start coming.  Their husband is the main income and they cut back on expenses so that they can have that life style.  That is great, but then suddenly their … Read More

Happiness is Being Connected

No matter what life deals you, there is always going to be a little “hole” if you don’t include spirituality. We need connections– with people, animals, nature and life. Research shows that the happiest people are the ones who are … Read More

A Widow’s Attitude

Why is it so much easier to be negative than positive? I know that the choice is mine and that the consequences of being negative, is frustration and unhappiness. So the question is “How do I train myself to be … Read More

A Widow’s First Year

Every widow is unique and responds to grief and healing at her own pace. It is essential never to compare one widow to another. Each and every widow has her own individual beliefs about how to deal with her feelings … Read More

Honour Your Memories

There are many ways to honour those that we have loved and lost: Give your grief its voice by expressing your loss. Display photographs. Restore old or tattered pictures. Donate to a worthy cause in their honor. Enjoy your memories. … Read More

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