Ask For Help

I know its hard being a widow and having to do everything, especially when your used to having a husband help you. But please, if you do not know something, ask for help and advice. Often we get into more … Read More

Grief Shouldn’t Be Ignored

You may have been independent in your marriage and so you didn’t fall apart due to having to make all the decisions, paying bills etc. but the finality of their death can still overwhelm you. You can’t listen to the … Read More

Make A Difference For Valentines

You start to heal when you are no longer focused on your own grief, hardships and loss. This Valentine’s Day instead of focusing on not having a spouse, focus on others that are also alone. I say this to those … Read More

Tell People How You Feel

Sometimes our biggest regret at a funeral is that we didn’t fully communicate to our loved one just how much we loved them. Other times we let conflicts with friends and family members remain unresolved.  This prevents us from forgiving, … Read More

What Is Your “Truth”?

It seems that we are constantly told untruths and need to filter everything we hear.  But let’s focus on ourselves instead of others – that’s where it really matters. What do you really stand for?  What will you compromise on? … Read More

Our Shared Journey Newsletter

I called this newsletter “A Shared Journey” because I believe that by sharing our stories as widows we help each other to grieve and heal.  I hope that the newsletter’s ideas, tips and advice will help you in your own … Read More

What to Do With Despair?

“Despair” means loss of hope and it’s normal to want to rush in to help.  But promising things that cannot be delivered will make you appear less reliable and trusting and when they need you even more they will not … Read More

The Personal Price of Caring

Widows pay a heavy price for being their husband’s care giver.  The emotional exhaustion of burnout is often accompanied by a deterioration in physical and mental well-being. Widows report feeling tired and run-down, finding it hard to get up in … Read More

Do Their Opinions Really Matter?

Often we don’t even realize who we are meant to be because we let the opinions of others affect us. We need to hold fast to the thought that other people and their opinions hold only the power that we … Read More

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