First Year As A Widow

YouTube video called “First Year As A Widow” is where I talk about some of the things you need to watch out for as a widow. You’re grieving hard this first year and you will be facing some major changes to … Read More

Tough Decisions For Widows

Tough decisions for widows involve a mixture of logic (head) and emotion (heart) and that makes it hard for widows that are already feeling lost. Most widows are not purely rational because decision making is intrinsically linked to our emotions.  … Read More

Handbook for Grievers

Handbook for Grievers is a reference handbook for grievers that suggests things to do, and supports and encourages you on your grief journey. You don’t need to read it all in one sitting. Instead, take the time to go through … Read More

Are You in Limbo

After the death of our loved ones we feel weighted down by our grief.  Are you in limbo?  Widows often feel like they are in limbo and that in itself makes it even harder to move forward. We realize in … Read More

What Motivates Me

It’s important that widows ask themselves, “What Motivates Me?”  –  “How do I go after things I want?” and “I’m I active or passive in life?” If you’re not motivated out of your true heart it won’t work.  Widows, especially … Read More

Your Attitude Is A Choice

I know you are grieving and you are also thinking, ‘How can I have a good attitude when my world is falling apart’, but the fact still remains that your attitude is a choice. When I was only fifty, my … Read More

Widows Facing Their Feelings

Widows facing their feelings allows them to concentrate on reality rather than fear and helps them choose the right action steps. How do you understand and control your feelings?  The best method I know is to begin writing in a … Read More

How Do I Mend My Broken Heart?

Widows often ask themselves, “How do I mend my broken heart?”  I know, it seems impossible, but you can make it through your grief.  Widows are not passive observers of their life – they are active participants and their broken … Read More

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