How To Use Humor

Many people think that there cannot possibly be anything to laugh about when you are grieving.  However, they are missing the extremely important function in how humor allows us to vent and it helps lessen our intense feelings. Humor can … Read More

Learning To Honor Each Day

Learning to honor each day with a humble spirit can be a challenge.  Where does it come from, this human urge for “more” and “more”. As we seek things we lose the little perfections of our day – the beauty … Read More

Have you planned your life or are you just letting it happen?

Write out 3 goals for the next 6 months. Break each goal into small steps. At night plan your steps for the next day.  Never let a day go by without doing something positive to move you towards your goals. … Read More

Helen Keller – 1880 to 1968

Helen was both blind and deaf.  She was an inspiration to everyone and believed in the following: 1.  Don’t let obstacles stop you. 2.  Don’t let others tell you what you can’t do. 3.  Have a thirst for knowledge. 4. … Read More

Harriet Beecher Stowe – 1811 to 1896

Harriet wrote the famous book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”.  She believed in the following: 1.  Develop faith in God. 2.  Realize that out of tragedy can come triumphs. 3.  Choose a partner who brings out the best in you. 4.  Create … Read More

Amelia Earhart – 1897 to 1937

Amelia was a famous woman aviator who was lost at sea.  She was a woman following her passion and believed in the following: 1.  Don’t allow others to define you. 2.  Set clear-cut goals 3.  Do what you love because … Read More

Self Confidence

If you don’t truly believe you’re capable of achieving what you want, your chances for success are limited. On the other hand, if you truly believe you CAN do it, nothing will stop you. When it comes down to it, there’s one big obstacle … Read More

August 2011 Newsletter

I wrote an article about and the 3 Guides they give away for free. Thanks to Judy Herzog-Chmiefarz for her article “Insist On Your Dreams” and Gala Reitz for her article “Grieve To Heal Girlfriend Getaways”. Another great month … Read More

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