How can you help others?

I’m always being asked about how I published my book and I love to pass on everything I know. The best way to help others is to share your stories – the good, the bad and the ugly. Quote from … Read More

Trivial Arguments

Why do some arguments slowly become huge fights and for what? To prove a point, to hold your ground because your right? Don’t lose your focus on what’s important. Spend your life’s precious moments on making good memories not bad.


My youngest turned 27 today and it made me think about time. It goes by so fast and can never be recovered. It can slip through your fingers and be wasted without notice. I realized that I pay more attention … Read More

Week 9 Weigh In

 I got slack this week and gained half a pound so now I’m 160.5. This is not what I wanted but I have only myself to blame. One more week to go so I’m going after a big 2.5 loss … Read More

Do you have a dream?

Do you have a dream? I have a new friend who is writing her first book. She is working very hard at promoting it and has a dream. Unfortunately she also has people in her life that are quick to … Read More

Consumer Measures Committee

This is a great resource for everyone trying to avoid money mistakes. Visit for some great advice. This site allows you to create your own Consumer Handbook.  It has information on credit reporting, identity theft, scams, funerals, debts, complaints … Read More

Is Money Good or Bad?

We can all have hang ups about money from when we were kids. Example – people with money can be greedy or poor people just don’t know how to handle the money they do get. The truth is money doesn’t … Read More

Do You Volunteer?

I just spent three hours doing paper work for a non-profit organization I’m involved with. As I worked I thought I don’t have time for this but once done it gave me a feeling of satisfaction. It’s true time is … Read More

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