Grieving Hard The First Year

Today I want to talk about some of the things you need to watch out for as a widow. You’re grieving hard this first year and you will be facing some major changes to your life style.

Do You Really Want to Make Resolutions?

Whose big idea was it to fix up all our widow problems, mend our hearts and start fresh in January?  And who invented New Year’s resolutions any how? It’s no wonder that most New Year’s resolutions fail.  But I’m not … Read More

New Year As a Widow

New Year Eve is really hard when your grieving and a widow. Everything about the holidays is hard and then at the end you are faced with the “couple” night of the year.

Resolutions Can Be Small and Fun

New Year resolutions for widows don’t have to be big, they can be small and simple so you can have fun going after them. A goal doesn’t have to sound painful.  Why can’t it be the year of simple goals: … Read More

Merry Christmas 2018

For those of Christian faith, today please step back from all the unrealistic movies and marketing, and remember what Christmas is – it is a day to honor the birth of Jesus. I know it’s a hard day because our … Read More

Surviving the Holidays While Grieving

Holidays can be particularly hard after the death of a loved one so I’m glad you’re reading this article. I hope it provides grief insight and encouragement so you can be better prepared for the last few days before Christmas. … Read More

Holiday Tips for Widows

Today I would like to share some tips that may help us widows get through this stressful time. Enjoy your children and grandchildren.  After all that’s what the holidays are suppose to be about. 2.  Don’t start party drinking, because … Read More

Can You Be a Social Widow?

Widows who have a high sense of well-being, have a vibrant social network.  Their number one strategy to raising their mood and combat depression is to get out with family and friends. Having said that I want you to be … Read More

Widows Donating At Christmas

Everywhere you go this season someone is asking for your donation.  As a widow you have to be careful with your money.  Yes, its good to give, but you don’t necessarily want to open your wallet for a charity if … Read More

A Widow’s First Christmas

If you have a friend or family member going through their first Christmas, you need to tread carefully around their emotions. If there is a get together and they hear that you invited everyone but them, they are likely to … Read More

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