Loving Again

The fear of loving and losing another partner may prevent some from loving again.  It can take time  to risk being hurt and emotionally tied to another person again.   Take your time with a new relationship because dating too … Read More


As you go through your grief process you may notice that churches can be very family oriented. It’s hard to watch other women with their husbands and so you may stop going. But this can cause even more separation and … Read More

Alone Time

Tips to get you to the point in your journey where you enjoy some healthy alone time: 1. Take some time for yourself before the day to day demands of life get you down. 2. Spend time with people you … Read More

Are you a “Busyholic”?

Your emotions swing like a pendulum, from one extreme to another. Looking for ways to avoid this loneliness, you may become a “busyholic”, never stopping. That way your grief can’t catch up to you. If this is you, then you … Read More

RBC,Royal Bank and Louise Thank You

There are times in your life when someone goes out of their way to help you. I want to thank Louise Romikat at RBC-Royal Bank at Lansdowne, Saint John 506-632-0780. Louise has supported my passion for helping other widows. She … Read More

Another Step Forward

This past weekend I cleaned out the storage shed at the cottage. For almost four years Donnie’s golf clubs and chain saw have been stored in that shed. It isn’t like I’m ever going to use either his clubs or … Read More


Friendship is about reciprocal cherishing. To be a good friend you need to be able to receive loving care as well as give it. The essence of friendship is having a friend to work through your disappointments and help you … Read More

Have Faith

It doesn’t have to be a religious thing, but when you’re all alone you need something to hold onto. Because you don’t see God, you have to believe by faith. Sometimes when life kicks you to the curb, faith can … Read More

A Well-Lived Life

Some of the great ladies in my life are stressing themselves sick that they aren’t doing enough with their lives. Isn’t it crazy that the women who worry about this the most are usually the same women that are doing … Read More

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