Skip Christmas

Is it “okay to skip Christmas?” Absolutely – There is nothing wrong with taking a break from the holidays, especially when your grief is fresh. A break can mean turning down invitations to parties or to step back from parts … Read More

Be Kind to Yourself

It’s easy as a widow to get caught up in a cycle of stress and forget to be kind to yourself.  The more we worry, the smaller our options and possibilities seem.  We get caught up in recycling the same … Read More

Take Back Your Life

I work with widows teaching workshops like “Take Back Your Life” and the Grief Recovery Method.  A couple of times I’ve had widows come repeatedly to see me.  I finally had to tell them that I could not help them … Read More

Learning to Relax

It’s no secret that widows are stressed, lacking sleep and totally unbalanced.  Learning to relax is the best thing we can do for ourselves.  It’s a skill like learning to ride a bike and you have to practice to get … Read More

Is It Time To Play?

A few years after Donnie’s death I realized that I wasn’t having fun.  As a widow, grief had overtaken my life and it was hard to ask, “Is it time to play?” When Donnie died I was only 50 years … Read More

Broken Relationships

When our loved ones die our lives and the people in them are forever changed and broken relationships happen. When we are grieving, our friendships may experience some difficulties.  There is an art to knowing when a friendship can be … Read More

Widow Confusion/Fog

Some of us have “widow confusion/fog” where we seem to be constantly lost.  We go one way, than another – we try one thing and then shift to something else. Our problem is simple:  We are grieving and we just … Read More

Are You Feeling Down

Are you feeling down?  Widows that are thankful and appreciative have the key to living a happier life.  Since “like attracts like”, this is a great way to attract more situations and experiences to feel thankful for. So, just how … Read More

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