Grief and Valentine’s Day

There is no special occasion as hurtful as Valentine’s Day for highlighting that you no longer have your loved one and that you are now a widow. They say grief brings people closer together. It’s not true – grief is … Read More

Valentine’s Day As a Widow

It’s difficult to see happy couples all around you when your spouse has died and your on your own.  Valentine’s Day used to be a day of cards, flowers and a special date night, but now it’s just you.  Being … Read More

A Widow’s Valentine’s Day

For millions of widows, this year will be their first Valentine’s Day since their Valentine died. For them there is no celebration. There is just grief. We don’t always think about those among us who have the other kind of … Read More

Valentine’s Day as a Widow

Often we respond to the pain in our lives by instinctively shutting it out of our mind.  Denial is a form of disengagement but although it numbs the pain, it also delays our healing. Facing the truth about how our … Read More


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