Handbook for Grievers

Years ago my life changed dramatically when my husband died at the age of fifty-three. I needed to trust what my inner voice was telling me, but I just wasn’t listening. I began to learn (I’m a very slow learner) … Read More

Is Fear Your Dominant Emotion?

After we lose our husbands we are unbalanced and being a “widow” is a strange new role. I was surprised to find that a dominant emotion for me was fear. Fear that I would never emerge from the emotional fog. … Read More

Is it Better or Worse if They Die Suddenly?

Is it better or worse how they died….suddenly or after months or years of suffering? We often wrestle with this question and I’ve learned to accept it’s all the same but different and no matter what it was, we would … Read More

Facebook for The Sisterhood of Widows

My Facebook page “The Sisterhood of Widows” is an OPEN Facebook page. I’m the only one who can post there and you can only make comments on my posts. Because it’s an open page anyone can see your comments. My … Read More

Widows Joining Forces

Widows are like everyone else when it comes to wanting their New Year to be better. And the best way to succeed is to join forces with people that may have different opinions than you. Every year, by February, most … Read More

Dreams Move Us Forward

What I’ve discovered is that a lot of widows have misconceptions about what they want going forward. Do you have dreams that are worthy of your time? Dreams that give you something to get out of bed for? A dream … Read More

A Widow’s Loneliness – Part Two

Of course as widows we are lonely. It’s hard to go from being a couple to being single, plus we need to grieve before we can heal. But in time you will arrive at the point of being “comfortable” with … Read More

A Widow’s Loneliness – Part One

Your quiet home is a constant reminder that your loved one is gone – really gone. The silence can be crushing and you may find it hard to concentrate. TV is boring and nothing excites you! There is a nagging, … Read More

Grieving Affects Our Health

If you experience some form of anxiety you are not alone because it is the most common mental issue in this country. It wasn’t that long ago that scientists believed that the mind had no effect on the body.  We … Read More

Della Reese From “Touched by an Angel”

Have you ever watched the TV show “Touched By An Angel”?  It was one of the rare shows that I would watch every week because it made me feel good about life and gave me hope for the future. Della … Read More

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