Tough Decisions For Widows

Tough decisions for widows involve a mixture of logic (head) and emotion (heart) and that makes it hard for widows that are already feeling lost. Most widows are not purely rational because decision making is intrinsically linked to our emotions.  … Read More

Level of Awareness

When you start to heal you will reach a level of awareness where you realize that you are not stuck, and that a healing process has begun within you.  You take action and start moving forward according to what you … Read More

Handbook for Grievers

Handbook for Grievers is a reference handbook for grievers that suggests things to do, and supports and encourages you on your grief journey. You don’t need to read it all in one sitting. Instead, take the time to go through … Read More

Are You Home?

I mean – are you home, really home and not just a place that provides a roof over your head, and a bed to sleep in?  It’s a big and important question, because the answer sets the course for everything … Read More

Widows and Insurance Companies

Widows and Insurance Companies can go either way.  It can go smoothly and widows get the insurance money quickly or there are delays after delays and even a refusal to pay.  If a widow is dealing with a Term Insurance … Read More

Keep Family Close

Widows struggle to keep family close after the death of their loved ones.  Loneliness is one of the hardest aspects of grief that we have to overcome. Don’t wait for others to keep your family close for you.  Take it … Read More

Are You A Worrier?

We all worry about something, sometimes, but if you are a chronic worrier, you may need some help.  It’s time to ask yourself, “Are You a Worrier?”  When was the last time you had a day free of anxiety?  Worry … Read More

Time Matters For Widows

Time matters for widows – age has given me a sense of clarity and appreciation that I didn’t have in my younger years.  Don’t listen to the myth that you can buy this or that product to be young again, … Read More

Nine Questions Widows Should Ask

How much do you know and understand about you, “the widow”? I feel duty bound to mention that getting to know yourself is one of life’s most thrilling and worthwhile endeavors. Here are nine questions widows should ask themselves.   … Read More

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