Healing Choice

Every widow grieves her own way and will come to the point where her healing choice is necessary.  The types of healing needed will differ depending upon the widow and her circumstances. The properties of healing are present in our … Read More

Social Anxiety

I think we all have “social anxiety” at one time or another, but widows really suffer from this.  It’s important to recognize our feelings of social anxiety. Feeling that you’re being judged. Believing that others would humiliate you. Trying too … Read More

Our Inner Voice

The most important voice we need to listen to is “Our Inner Voice”.  Each time a widow ignores her inner voice she shrinks inside of herself.  The more she denies her voice, the more she fears rejection.  Instead of relying … Read More

Is Honesty the Right Policy

I have a question for you, “Is Honesty the Right Policy?”  Think about the last time someone asked you how you were doing and you replied that you were “okay”.  Lies create distance and destroys relationships – is that what … Read More

Difficult People

Before I can advise you on how to deal with difficult people, we first have to define who they are: Needy Pushy Superficial Passive-aggressive Actively aggressive Critical and judgmental Chronic complainers Stubborn and argumentative Try to maintain a spirit of … Read More


Bereavement is a period of mourning or state of intense grief.  You will soon find that family and friends may not understand your unique bereavement journey. Try to find others that are in your situation but are further along.  They … Read More

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