Don’t Ask These 3 Questions

I know it’s hard to be a widow, but I want you to stop worrying about things that are just not worth your energy.  Please don’t ask these 3 questions because they focus on the negative and you need to … Read More

Healing Connections

I hope that you gave grief all the time it needed so that this will be the beginning of healing connections and a new revised future for you.  I am pulling for you, from one widow to another I’m hoping … Read More

Surviving Widowhood

I’m a widow and I understand that you may feel like your life is over, that the tears will never end, that your heart will never feel again, and that surviving widowhood would take a miracle. I learned thirteen years … Read More

My Life Didn’t End

Everyone gave me the same advice “You need to get more balance in your life and learn to rest more, have more fun.”  I had just become a widow and my life didn’t end when Donnie died, but I needed … Read More

Difficult Family Members

Widows often ask me for advice on how to get along with difficult family members.  It helps to acknowledge that we love our families even though they may get under our skin.  Also, the perfect family does not exist and … Read More

Coping With Panic Attacks

For grieving widows a very frightening outcome of stress is coping with panic attacks, sometimes called an anxiety attack.  It is called an attack because it comes on strongly and without any reason, and it can last from five to … Read More

A Good Cry Can Heal

A good cry can heal when you are a grieving widow.  When Donnie died I cried.  I would cry over everything and nothing.  I remember driving down the road and all of a sudden I felt this heavy feeling of … Read More

Tips for Joyful Energy

I know you are thinking that there is nothing “joyful” about your life as a widow, but here are some simple tips for joyful energy that you can do even while grieving. Become a list keeper.  There is something calming … Read More

Widows Deserve Happy Lives

The one thing widows don’t understand after the death of their husbands is that widows deserve happy lives.  Few widows believe they deserve all the best of life as they move forward on their own. It took me a while … Read More

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